Mark Prideux

Mark uses SegStream to sell cost seg studies and grow his business

SegStream isn’t just software; it’s my growth catalyst.

With continuous updates and unparalleled customer service, it’s my secret weapon to staying ahead of the curve.

The software acts as a guide when completing studies and the integration of RSMeans Data ensures report accuracy. It helps eliminate doubts and maximizes my efficiency.

SegStream isn’t just a cost seg application; it’s a game-changer with RSMeans directly built in, giving me an edge in the marketplace. With it, completing cost seg studies is a breeze – I never miss a beat, thanks to the questions it asks me as I make my way through a report.

The efficiency it provides isn’t just about saving time; it’s about unlocking opportunities. Without SegStream, hiring full-time help would’ve been inevitable, but now, my capacity has increased by 30-50%, and my sales volume has increased by 30-33% month-over-month without increasing my overhead. 

Even with market uncertainty and instability, SegStream empowers me to market confidently, leveraging my expertise and the RSMeans-based system to win clients.



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