John Denovich

Mark uses SegStream to sell cost seg studies and grow his business

SegStream has been the backbone of my business growth journey. Its seamless access to RSMeans pricing data empowers me to swiftly construct comprehensive cost segregation studies, giving me a competitive edge in the market.

The integration of RSMeans pricing directly into SegStream is a game-changer, eliminating the need to source data elsewhere. When facing IRS scrutiny, having RSMeans data at my fingertips is like wielding a shield of authority. It’s the industry standard, leaving no room for further interrogation.

As a member of the Association of Cost Seg Professionals, I’ve noticed a gap in resources, with broken links in newsletters and on their website. SegStream has become my go-to, filling this void and ensuring I stay informed and connected.

The most remarkable benefit of SegStream is its ability to skyrocket my capacity, facilitating a remarkable 40-50% increase in studies per month. Now, my challenge isn’t capacity but acquiring more clients.

While I tackle diverse projects, apartment buildings stand out as the low-hanging fruit. By focusing solely on cost segregation studies for apartments, I could significantly amplify my volume and market presence.

SegStream isn’t just software; it’s the driving force behind my business expansion. It’s not just about doing more; it’s about doing it smarter and more efficiently. With SegStream by my side, the sky’s the limit.

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