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What Growth-Oriented Tax Professionals are Saying About SegStream

“The first thing I noticed after switching to SegStream was that team morale shot way up. We began completing more jobs in less time. Our capacity increased significantly and we don’t have to turn down or extend as many clients during tax season, even clients who need things done last minute.”
John Denovich
The Jennings Denovich Group
“With SegStream Pro, I’m putting less time into the work, which, ultimately, makes the job more profitable.”

John McCallum
Grantham Poole

What is Cost Segregation Automation?

Cost Seg Automation is not just software specifically designed to produce Cost Segregation studies, it’s designed to evolve the entire process. It integrates Cost Seg best practices directly into an automated workflow to produce higher-quality studies in a fraction of the time.

Lightning Fast

SegStream Pro automates the work normally done in Excel and Access, multiplying the amount of work done by each engineer.

Higher Quality

Made by engineers, architects, and tax professionals, SegStream allows you to produce high-quality, audit-proof studies based on the principles and pricing data most preferred by the IRS.

More Profitable

By decreasing the amount of time required to complete Cost Seg studies with SegStream Pro, your firm can dramatically increase the number of studies to support growth.


We interviewed Dozens of Cost Seg Professionals this year. 

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Increase Revenue and Client Base without Increasing Headcount


Painless takeoff

Just pick a property type and complete a questionnaire: Custom properties with appropriate components and precise quantities are automatically created for you.


 Robust modeling

Flexibility to cover every property type and the precision to define every last component, qualified or not.




 Enhanced analysis

Assets are precisely and automatically classified at the most granular level – saving you a lot of time while virtually eliminating errors and omissions risk.


 Seamless RS Means® Cost Integration

Integrate the most accurate cost data into every study creating the most-defensible possible tax basis allocation.



 Multiply your efficiency

Complete Cost Seg Studies with unprecedented speed with the confidence your client’s results will stand the test of time.


 Easy to learn and use

Empower your employees, new and old, to follow a standardized workflow resulting in effortless onboarding and unmatched consistency.



 Tailored reports

Export studies using your custom reporting format at the push of a button.

Streamline your Cost Seg process for greater efficiency and profitability now.

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We interviewed Dozens of Cost Seg Professionals this year. Get instant access to the report and discover where the industry is headed
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