Brian Kiczula

Mark uses SegStream to sell cost seg studies and grow his business

SegStream has been a game-changer for my business.

I went from doing hundreds of studies to over a thousand in a year because of SegStream. The efficiency it creates allowed me to onboard a team of 15 analysts, significantly cutting overhead costs compared to hiring expensive engineers.

The RSMeans integration is a lifesaver, especially during IRS audits. With data readily accessible within SegStream, backing up your studies is a breeze.

The software’s focus on maintaining report accuracy, while creating efficiency align perfectly with my goals for growth. Plus, the platform’s commitment to concise, targeted video training and granular line items make it simple and intuitive to use.

With a background in sales, I value technical support over sales assistance. SegStream delivers exactly that, allowing me to provide affordable studies with unmatched precision and quality. 

SegStream isn’t just a tool; it’s my secret weapon for delivering top-notch studies efficiently. It’s my #1 priority to provide clients with affordable cost seg studies, and SegStream makes that possible.

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